As per Order No.B3/24887/07/DME Dated 15-06-2010, the Directorate of Medical Education has decided to reserve 3 seats(2 in RIO Thiruvananthapuram and 1 in Medical College, Kozhikode) of newly starting BSc Optometry course for in service candidates. Candidates must have at least5 years service left after completion of the course. They will have to avail eligible leave as per rules to pursue studies. Out of the 3 seats, 2 will be for DME employees and 1 for DHS staff. The last date for receipt of application will be 8th July, 2010. The applications must be sent through proper channel.

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Kerala Government Optometristsí association

Reg No:285††††††† Thiruvananthapuram


BSc Optometry Course for Service Candidates